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Dental Whitening Care Set

Yellow Stains
Easy, safe & effective at-home teeth whitening kit, ideal for use on sensitive teeth.
  • Reduces grime on the surface of the teeth to make teeth whiter.
  • Includes a shielding ingredients that suppresses hypersensitivity and prevents color return after whitening.
  • Whitening Gel (2.5g/0.088oz. x 7 applications ) × 4 syringes / Dedicated Mouthpiece (whitening tray) / Brush / Spatula / Color Guide / Instruction Manual [ Dedicated stand included with first orders. ] Made in USA
    b.Point 267 pt
    Revolutionary, all-in-one system featuring patented technology to
    safely and effectively whiten teeth.
    Easy-to-use at-home tooth whitening that delivers 3x the results of leading whitening products.
    Ingredients for Safe Teeth Whitening
    Whiten and protect from future stains
    16% Carbamide Peroxide
    Colloidal Platinum Nanoparticles work synergistically with Carbmide Peroxide to powerfully whiten teeth without causing sensivity.
    Counter Sensitivity
    EX-Polyphosphate works as a barrier to dimish sensitivity normally experienced from traditional whitening gels.
    Counter Sensitivity
    EX-Polyphosphate works as a barrier to dimish sensitivity normally experienced from traditional whitening gels.
    Keep Future Stains at Bay
    Standard whitening gels pull moisture from teeth. Like dried sponges, teeth absorb liquid and are more prone to stains shortly after whitening. Our EX-Polyphosphate prevents oral dehydration, creating a light barrier to protect teeth from future stains.
    My boyfriend likes my new smile
    Lately, I have been seeing ads for Whitening Salons on the internet and wondering about checking them out.

    But I have never got around to going. Then learned that with b.glenDental Whitening, I can whiten my teeth at home, so I instantly ordered the Trial Set. I anxiously opened the package from America and immediately started my whitening challenge!

    After one month of use, my teeth are not exactly “Super White” but a whole lot whiter than before.

    Female late 20s
    Couple’s Teeth Whitening
    My co-worker told me he had his teeth whitened at a dentist’s office. I had been interested in teeth whitening so I decided to give it a try with b.glenDental especially because it’s easy and can be done at home.

    I didn’t think my teeth were all that yellow and were rather, clean and white. But saw my teeth getting whiter and whiter and get ecstatic every morning to see my teeth in the mirror.

    Lately, I am looking a lot younger than my own age. My wife and daughter teased me when she saw me posting selfie photos on SNS. And now my wife does teeth whitening with me too.

    Male early 40s
    Smiling Confidently
    I used to be very conscious about my smile because my teeth had uneven stains.

    Looking at myself in the mirror used to depress me. I began with the Trial Set and continued on whitening with the One Month Set.

    I never thought I could get my teeth as white as they are now.

    Now I can smile confidently without being self conscious like when my teeth used to be stained.

    My Mom even commented, “You look happy. Do you have a boyfriend?” And they are right because I am happy and in a relationship.

    b.glenDental Teeth Whitening has changed my life.

    Female late 20s.

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    How to Use
    Recommended Usage: slightly bigger than a dime coin (2cm/0.8 inch diameter)

    Before you begin whitening, brush teeth thoroughly for 2 minutes.

    Dispense a pea-sized amount of whitening gel onto spatula.

    Wipe teeth with tissue to remove excess moisture.

    Apply whitening gel with included brush on the front surface of teeth. Do not apply to gums.

    Insert mouthpiece, and keep in mouth for a minimum of 10 minutes. Ideally, 30 would be most efficient.

    When time is up, remove mouthpiece and rinse mouth with lukewarm water.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    We use a synergistic blend of 3-key ingredients to lift stains from the teeth.
    Our Whitening Care Set will not damage dental implants, veneers, crowns, dentures, etc.
    Yes. If you are a chronic smoker, it may take longer to experience results. We recommend having the teeth professionally cleaned prior to whitening if stains persist.
    Approximate number of applications per 1 tube of whitening gel is 7 times (1 scale mark is 1 usage). Our Dental Whitening Care Set contains 4 gel tubes and would last 28 days if applied once a day.
    Please store the Whitening Gel in a cool and dark place with no humidity (temperature between 5 to 25˚C, away from direct sunlight). Please use the dedicated stand that comes enclosed with the Set. If you do not have a stand, please be sure to close the cap tightly after each use. Also, please use any opened Whitening Gel within 10 days.
    The ingredient incorporated in our Dental Whitening Gel that whitens is called Carbamide Peroxide. Another key ingredient is EX Polyphosphoric Acid which acts to lift dirt from teeth and removes it. The combined functions of these two ingredients not only regain the original color of your teeth, but also offer a bleaching effect that gives teeth more whiteness than ever before.
    If you leave the Whitening Gel on clothing and personal belongings, it may cause a stain or discoloration. To prevent this from occurring, please rinse with water immediately if Gel comes into contact with clothing.
    If the mouthpiece enclosed with the Whitening Set was damaged within one (1) month after purchase, during normal use, we will replace it. Please contact customer support.

    【 Customer Support 】
    Toll-free number: 1-888-882-2220
    It's effective to whiten after brushing teeth with toothpaste. We recommended whitening teeth at night before bed and after brushing your teeth.
    b.glen's Dental Whitening Gel has been designed with 2 low-stimulating hyperesthesia (sensitivity) measures, so please use it with confidence. However, the symptoms of irritation such as hyperesthesia vary depending on the person such as their physical condition and oral environment. If pain, irritation, discomfort, etc. appear during usage, stop use immediately and wait for 2-3 days. If symptoms disappear, please resume usage while observing any changes in your condition.
    b.glen's Dental Whitening Gel has been purposefully incorporated with a whitening agent whose concentration, amount and application will not effect the body if consumed. Please use worry-free.
    After using b.glen's Dental Whitening Gel, you'll have no issues if you continue to eat as usual. However, we do recommend that within the 24 to 48 hours after whitening in order to maintain the most whiteness to refrain from consuming dark foods and drinks.
    Results vary on how long it takes. Results depend on individual differences such as the teeth's color at the start of whitening and the effect of daily food and drink, smoking, lifestyle habits, and discoloration of teeth due to aging. In early cases, there are people who see whitening around four days after starting. But most notice an improvement in whiteness within a month with continued usage.
    Based on the results of our monitoring survey, it has been proven that there is an average improvement of 4 shades on the color guide (14 total shades/levels of whiteness) after continued use of 4 to 5 Gel tubes.
    If you stop whitening, the teeth that were whitened, will gradually return to their original color due to the consummation of everyday food and daily living habits. Just as brushing every day helps to prevent tooth decay, it's also important to continue whitening every day in order to achieve desired results with long lasting effects.
    Effectiveness varies depending individual differences such as the quality and condition of the teeth. However, if whitening is used strongly, then anyone can whiten their teeth. Even people with the following symptoms will experience whiter teeth if they try hard enough. By continuing whitening process for prolonged period of time, the color accumulated inside the tooth will also become whiter.

    Discoloration of decayed teeth from tetracycline.
    Discoloration due to nerve pulled tooth and/ or dead nerve.
    Seniors or Elderly with yellowing teeth.
    Unopened products are good for one year. If the product is stored properly using the enclosed stand, you have 2 weeks after opening to use the product.
    Start with 10 minutes per day to assess tolerance. And move on to the recommended usage which is 30 minutes once a day until it reaches your desired whiteness.

    For the customer's convenience we have enclosed a comfortable mouthpiece that is thin and soft that we developed in-house. Feel free to use it easily while bathing or reading.
    "Please refrain from whitening if you are or have any of the following conditions:

    • Acatalasia disease, or a possibility of acatalasia disease.
    • Extreme perceptual sensitivity.
    • Cracks in the teeth.
    • Lost or removed dentine due to abrasion.
    • Dental disease which has caused gums to retract, thin enamel, and/ or exposed roots.
    • Pregnant or breast feeding.
    • Symptoms such as dental cavities, periodontal disease and stomatitis we recommend that you first treat these at the dentist office before using our Dental Whitening Set.