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[ Deep Moisture Care ] Dry Skin

Dry Skin & Dry Wrinkles
Whether Your skin is ‘Dehydrated’, or 'Dry' Depends on the Amount of Moisture Deep Within the Skin.

The horny (surface layer) retains moisture within the skin. If the skin continually loses moisture despite sufficient hydration, it can become an issue within the epidermis. TEWL (Trans Epidermanl Water Loss) is a dermatological term used to indicate the evaporation rate of moisture through through skin layers to the surface. When skin becomes dry and dehydrated, it can feel rough and look dull. This is when lines and wrinkles can appear and continue to develop.


Moisturizing The Skin with Targeted Treatments Fends-Off Dryness and Retains Healthy Moisture.

Dry skin should be moisturized both morning and at night. Hydrated skin will react better to cleansing, as dry skin may be irritated with harsh cleansers or scrubs. When showering, avoid washing your face directly under the showerhead. Instead, use a gentle cleanser, formulated for sensitive or dry skin and use a warm (not hot) cloth to gently wipe off. After cleansing, pat the face dry with a soft towel, and apply lotion to the skin while its still warm. This step is crucial, since the skin has lost its protective sebum layer in the shower. In order to prevent further moisture loss, apply an additional layer of a cream, to form a hydrated and protective barrier on the skins' surface.



Cleanse the skin with Clay Wash, avoiding the eye area prior to eye treatment and care.
QuSome Lotion thoroughly moisturizes the skin, keeping it soft, silky & supple. QuSome Lotion is safe to use on the undereye and outer corners.
C Serum stimulates natural cell turnover, helping slough away dead or dry skin to return balance and radiance.
QuSome Moisture Rich Cream locks in essential moisture, helping to strengthen barrier function and keep skin hydrated.