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[ Brightening Care ] Dark Spots

Dark Spots
Dark Spots Form When Your Natural Melanin Has Overproduced & Settled.

Ultra-Violet (UV) rays can cause extreme damage to the skin without proper protection. Melanin, produced naturally within your skin, organically offers subtle protection. However, when the skin is exposed to excessive UV rays, the body creates an abundance of melanin. Although melanin is essential for a gorgeous tan, too much for your body to process will lead to unfavorable hyperpigmentation. Stress, over-exfoliation & chemical exposure may also be the culprit for excessive melanin production.


Offense and Defense: Two Essentials for Even-Toned, Bright Skin.

It has been said that, "The best offense is a good defense." For your skin, it's not much different. When your skin is dry and damaged, it may appear dull, uneven in tone, and flaky/spotted in patches. Your "Offense" is played with protective cell turnover measures, removing debris, and dead skin. Another essential component, targeted topical solutions, act as "Defense". Our Brightening Care formulations contain antioxidant Vitamin C, alongside other potent antioxidants, and proprietary QuSome® encapsulation technology. QuSomes® stabilize and increase efficacy of ingredients, helping you to achieve results faster, with less sensitivity. With consistent use, this daily regimin with fade dark spots & sun damage, reveal even skin-tone, and brighten the overall appearance of your skin.



Clay Wash removes all traces of dirt and other impurities, without stripping essential nutrients from the skin.
QuSome Lotion thoroughly moisturizes the skin, keeping it soft, silky & supple.
3.TREAT **
C Serum is a concentrated antioxidant serum, which strengthens and gently resurfaces the skin. Over time, the skin feels firm, and imparts a healthy glow.
QuSome Moisture Gel Cream works with your skin, assisting with treatment of uneven tone, shown by dark spots and impurities.
Our SPF provides essential and Broad-Spectrum SPF, to deflect harmful UV Rays, and keep skin healthy long-term.