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[ Anti-Aging + Deep Line Care ] Forehead Wrinkles

Forehead Wrinkles
The Forehead is A Vulnerable Area for Early Aging. Forehead Lines Are Often Caused By Photoaging and Facial Expression Habits.

The greatest cause for wrinkles in the brow + forehead area is facial expression habits. We are unconscious of our repeat daily facial expressions, which contribute to wrinkling of our brows (raised expression) and furrowing (11 lines). In fact, the skin of the brow area is so thin, that when we frown countless times, those lines may become permanent. UV ray damage is another reason that the elasticity, which restores these expression wrinkles, eventually cannot be restored. The T-Zone is said to contain an abundance of sebum, but in our 40's and beyond, our capacity to secrete sebum becomes half of what our body produced in our 20's. Secondary causes such as facial washes which strip the skin of vital moisture is another contributing factor.


How to Fight Wrinkles – Restore Your Skin’s Elasticity, While Being Conscious of Your Facial Expressions

The underlying cause of deep wrinkles is actually the accumulation of finerwrinkles. To combat all wrinkles in the skin, you must first strengthen the protective functions of skin. The first step in boosting the protective function in the skin is to maintain moisture in the horny (uppermost skin) layer. This keeps the skin soft and smooth. With a fortified protective function within the skin, your body can repair and grow healthy skin from the inside out. The next step is to maintain the skin’s firmness and elasticity with Vitamin C and Retinol, two of the most exemplary ingredients for preserving the skin’s firmness and elasticity. For finishing touches, these ingredients also build the foundation of skin, keeping it plump and full. In order to prevent the decline of the hypodermis’ (inner tissue and fibers) functions, it’s essential to reduce excessibe exposure to UV rays.



Cleanse the skin with Clay Wash, avoiding the eye area prior to eye treatment and care.
QuSome Lotion thoroughly moisturizes the skin, keeping it soft, silky & supple. QuSome Lotion is safe to use on the undereye and outer corners.
Gently massage the skin to improve circulation, lymphatic drainage, and to help to lift and tighten the skin.
C Serum is a concentrated antioxidant serum, which strengthens and gently resurfaces the skin. Over time, the skin feels firm, and imparts a healthy glow.
Our SPF provides essential and Broad-Spectrum SPF, to deflect harmful UV Rays, and keep skin healthy long-term.