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[ Eye Care ] Crow’s Feet

Crow’s Feet
The Eye Area is Your Most Delicate Skin, Most Vulnerable to Lines and Wrinkles.

The skin surrounding your eyes is much thinner, with less sebacous (oil-producing) glands to offset early aging. This makes the eyes much more vulnerable to dehydration, sagging and wrinkling. With squinting, eye strain & rubbing, over time, the eyes age, much like cracking of the Earth's crust. However, because the eyes are so delicate, carefully-formulated products ONLY should be used. Cleansers, treatments and moisturizers not made for the eye area may cause further damage and sensitivity.


Targeted Treatments for Lifted, Ageless Eyes.

The eye area requires more care than other areas of skin. Thin, delicate tissue is more susceptible for developing Crow's Feet, dryness and fine lines. Using targeted treatments, enhanced with QuSome® technology will hydrate, nourish, prevent and restore the appearance of youth to the undereyes.



Cleanse the skin with Clay Wash, avoiding the eye area prior to eye treatment and care.
QuSome Lotion thoroughly moisturizes the skin, keeping it soft, silky & supple. QuSome Lotion is safe to use on the undereye and outer corners.
Use a facial serum or treatment prior to applying eye care.
Apply QuSome Eye Serum sparingly to the undereyes and lids to prevent and treat sagging, lines and fatigue.
Our SPF provides essential and Broad-Spectrum SPF, to deflect harmful UV Rays, and keep skin healthy long-term.