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[ Pore Care ] Oily Skin

Oily Skin
Removing Excess Sebum and Impurities is Not Enough to Control Oil Secretion.

The most common cause of oily skin is an excessive amount of sebum produced by the skins' sebaceous glands. Surprisingly, oily pores are sometimes a result of a dehydrated skin-surface. When the skin is dry or dehydrated, it naturally responds by over-producing sebum. Additionally, removing too much sebum may cause oilinessm as the skin overcompensates sebum-loss.


Diminish the Appearance of Noticeable Pores.

There are two key aspects of pore-minimizing care. 1. Removing excess sebum, dirt and impurities will clear pores. 2. Your skin must stay hydrated with the proper, targeted skincare in order to prevent excessive sebum from reoccuring. Also, Vitamin C is a key skincare ingredient, as it balances sebum levels, and helps revitalize the complexion.



Cleanse the skin with Clay Wash, avoiding the eye area prior to eye treatment and care.
QuSome Lotion thoroughly moisturizes the skin, keeping it soft, silky & supple. QuSome Lotion is safe to use on the undereye and outer corners.
C Serum stimulates natural cell turnover, helping slough away dead or dry skin to return balance and radiance.
QuSome Moisture Rich Cream locks in essential moisture, helping to strengthen barrier function and keep skin hydrated.